gHigh-Speed Videos; Firearms: "12GA From Hell", AR-15, 460 S&W Magnum, & Tannerite -

High-Speed Videos; Firearms: "12GA From Hell", AR-15, 460 S&W Magnum, & Tannerite

Pobierz High-Speed Videos; Firearms:

Shooting at the range. AR-15 at beginning is 1200 frames per second. The rest is filmed at 400 frames per second. The 12GA From Hell scene in the video, is from what little video exists on the internet of the round being fired. It is the world's most powerful rifle-converted-shotgun. Capable of energy above 17,000Ft-Lbs with lighter weight bullets (more energy than a 50BMG). With the heavier bullets, like the 1,040 grain bullet fired in the video, it emits recoil greatly surpassing the .577 T-Rex rifles. A 1,040gr bullet from an 8.2lb bolt-action gun is generating over 260ft-lbs of free recoil energy. To put 260Ft-Lbs of recoil into perspective, it's like your shoulder capturing the entire energy of a 22 Magnum bullet that's being fired AT YOUR SHOULDER. The 577 Tyrannosaur fires a 750gr bullet from an even heavier rifle weighing around 12lbs, still generating over 160Ft-Lbs of free-recoil energy--which is nothing to scoff at. If you've seen the T-Rex videos on the net, you can see what 160Ft-Lbs is capable of doing to unsuspecting shooters.

The 460 S&W Magnum has one giant muzzle+cylinder blast which will light up the night with flames, but it can be seen that the heavy weight of these revolvers pretty much tames them for casual range shooting. At least it appears that way when the video is really slowed down.

The Tannerite speaks for itself. While it IS an explosive when mixed, since it actually detonates on impact, the power-per-charge-weight is not as great as blasting type high-explosives. This is evident by the fuel-heavy and smoky reaction, and a plastic container which breaks into larger pieces in the video. A powerful explosive would turn the plastic container to near dust fragments from the immediately resulting high-pressure wave. This makes Tannerite a safe reactive-target when used per the instructions, and shot at a safe distance away.